Sprinkler System Company

Sprinkler Systems

Leo Garden Care offers sprinkler system services in Naples, Fort Myers, and nearby.

Our sprinkler system services include: 

  • Sprinkler Repair
  • Sprinkler Installation

Irrigation Repair

Over time, sprinkler systems will need maintenance and repairs.

Sometimes this is due to human errors such as running over a sprinkler head with a lawn mower.  Sometimes roots grow into the sprinkler system’s wiring or pipes and can damage the system.  And, sometimes old parts simply need to be replaced.

We also adjust sprinkler heads, set zone timing, and work on control boxes.

A sprinkler system watering a lawn in Naples.

Irrigation Installation

Contact us to see how much money you can save by hiring Leo Garden Care to install your sprinkler system.  Sprinkler systems require specific knowledge and tools to do properly and it is not recommended that the average homeowner attempt to install an irrigation system themselves.

Irrigation is a big business in Florida and we are your local experts.

A irrigation system in the process of being repaired.

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