Welcome to our first blog post!

We are a local lawn maintenance and landscaping company in Naples.  Along with all of the common lawn and landscape services you would expect any lawn service to offer, we also offer irrigation and tree services in Lee County only.

What does a ‘Quality’ lawn maintenance service include?

First and foremost, high-quality work.  That should be a given but we still see simply jobs such as lawn mowing not being performed to our standards by other local lawn maintenance services in Naples and Fort Myers.  You should expect the professional lawn service you hired to perform a professional-grade service every time.  If you are experiencing anything less than this, please request your free lawn maintenance quote from Leo Garden Care.

We have more reviews than any other lawn care service in Naples by far!  We appreciate each and every client that took the time to leave us a review online.

Seconds, reliability.  We kind of touched on consistency with the first point.  Reliability and consistency are things many lawn services struggle with.  We don’t have this issue at Leo Garden Care.  The owner, Leo Morales, runs a tight ship!  All employees know the quality of work expected and that our clients are counting on us to be there week in and week out.

Third, good communication.  Is your lawn service easy to get a hold of?  A lot of people are shocked when they call us and we answer the phone!  Frankly, this kind of shocks us!  Of course we answer the phone!  Our customers know they can call, text, email, or Facebook messenger us anytime and get a quick response.  We also let our clients know of any delays to their service due to weather and more.

How much does lawn maintenance cost?

Most legitimate companies in our area, Naples to Fort Myers and nearby, charge $300 per month and up.

You want a legitimate company on your lawn and landscape!  Low-ball prices are a tell-tale sign that a company is not paying taxes, does not have insurance, does not have workers comp, and more than likely, is going to do a poor quality job to try to make a little money because they simply aren’t charging enough even while avoiding costs legitimate businesses have to pay.

Leo Garden Care is a registered business in the state of Florida!  Due to special requirement in Collier County, we cannot offer tree or irrigation services there but can in Lee County.

Our worry-free lawn maintenance packages start at just $250/month!

Can we maintain your lawn in Naples?

Let us know what we need to do to earn your lawn maintenance business in Naples!

We are located in Naples and love serving residents and businesses in our own neighborhoods.  We also work in Fort Myers and all cities nearby and in between.

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